1 Chronicles 12:32

This week has been a week like no other I’ve ever witnessed in my forty years alive on planet earth.  Coronavirus touched down and pandemonium struck.  Media hype fueled mass panic buying, where every man and his family headed towards the supermarkets in an effort to stock their cupboards to overflowing.  Stock markets across the world continue to be hammered with losses amounting to billions being slashed off the value of some of the world's most prestigious companies.  Thursday saw the biggest one-day decline in the FTSE 100 since 1987 and Wednesday witnessed the pound plunged to its lowest level in 30 years! 


Every day has seen escalating measures being announced by the UK government as it has tried desperately to stem the growth of this virus which has now claimed the lives of more than 200 British citizens and more than 10,000 globally.  On Tuesday, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a whopping £350 billion bailout and by Friday, he’d effectively put the whole British economy on life support.  With fears that we’re just beginning to see the rise in coronavirus infections, at the start of the week the government introduced social distancing measures and by the end of the week pubs, bars, restaurants, and gyms were told to close.  My dear Brothers and Sisters, all of this has shocked me and all of this has greatly moved my heart.  However, I want to say with great sorrow and sadness; nothing that I’ve thus far mentioned has vexed and grieved my heart more than what I’ve witnessed take place this week by Church leaders in this country, as one after another closed the doors of their Churches until further notice!   


This sermon is a desperate plea for the Pastors of Christ’s flock to seek the face of the Lord for a way forward in this hour of tremendous need.  Where are the sons of Issachar who in their day, understood the right thing for Israel to do at the right time?  Will the Church rise to its call or will it sleep through this present crisis only to awake to find that there’s nothing left? 

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