1 Kings 17:1-6

It’s not until you step out of a situation, that looking back, you’re able to see it really for it was!  When you’re in a smoke-filled room, it’s hard to see the smoke, but exit the room and peer back in through the glass and you’ll be astonished at how you ever could have been in such an environment and not have.  As I look around and survey the spiritual landscape of the nation, I have to conclude that we are living in the midst of a spiritual famine that few are even aware we’re in.  Churches are closing by the week of and the British landscape is changing.  Brethren, it is my conviction that unless God in His mercy sends another revival —an awakening, the likes of which this nation has not witnessed since the days of Wesley, the flickering light of present-day Christianity may soon be extinguished from these British Isles.  Now I acknowledge that God will always have a remnant—7000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal, but Brother/Sister, where is the grief over the fact that the city once set on a hill has been removed, and the candle which once stood on a candlestick has been placed under a bushel! 


This sermon is a heart-cry, for another heaven-sent revival and a warning to those who have been placed in sound fellowships at this present time of famine, to not forsake where God has placed them, but to be grateful for the bread He has provided. 

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