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Bible Prophecy

A ten-part series looking at the fascinating subject of Bible prophecy.  In this series, we shall look at some of the major themes of fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled prophecies in the Bible as they relate to Israel, her Messiah and the Gentile nations.  Please click on the PDF links to read each article in full.    


Part 1 – Introduction to Bible Prophecy


Without question, one of the foremost claims to the Bible being the Inspired Word of God is prophecy.  A staggering 27% of the whole Bible is prophetic in nature!  


“People are named before birth; kingdoms are outlined before their historical existence; battles are described before occurring, and personal destinies are delineated before the persons themselves are born…”
-Bernard M. Ramm, Protestant Christian Evidences

God goes down on record; it is written and if it does not come to pass then the Bible is relegated to being a false book and we certainly have no
confidence putting our faith in it.  In this first part of a teaching series looking at Bible prophecy, we introduce this fascinating subject and take a look at a prophecy given some 2700 years ago by a Hebrew prophet called Isaiah relating to a nation by the name of Israel and a heathen King by the name of Cyrus.  What you will discover and are about to hear will literally take your breath away and is only one of the many hundreds of prophecies contained in the Holy Bible.  Fasten your seat belts and be prepared to be amazed!!



Part 2 - Ancient Israel and Bible Prophecy (Pt. 1) 


When we hear the phrase, “Israel, the birth of a nation”; our minds quite naturally are cast back to just over 65 years ago to 1948, when the Jewish people against all possible odds, miraculously defied the systematic state sponsored genocide of Hitler to wipe them off the face the earth and became a united nation again back in the land of Israel after some nearly 2000 years of exile.  However, the real birth of that nation began not in the 20th century AD, but rather some 4000 years ago in the 21nd century BC, when God called a heathen man by the name of Abraham out from his homeland in Babylon to journey to a new land that God was yet to reveal to him; that from him a nation from him might be born!


Perhaps one of the most fascinating themes relating to Bible prophecy is where it concerns this tiny nation; a strip of land around the same area size of Wales!!  Yet, Israel’s past, present and future is miraculously contained within the pages of the Holy Bible!!  In this teaching we seek to map Israel’s history retrospectively through the lens of the prophetic passages contained Deuteronomy chapter 28, which deals with the blessing and cursing of this nation.



Part 3 - Ancient Israel and Bible Prophecy (Pt. 2) 


Enter the first century AD, Israel is dwelling again back in the land that God had promised to them nearly fifteen hundred years previously.  Very soon after their return from captivity the second Temple was rebuilt; the cities that Nebuchadnezzar laid waste were once again inhabited including the capital city of Jerusalem.  Upon their return however, Israel ceased to be a kingdom with a ruling monarchy and by the time of the first century A.D. were a significantly weakened nation governed by Roman rule.  It was into this setting that Israel’s Messiah Jesus Christ was born.  Towards the close of His life and ministry, Jesus made a series of chilling prophecies regarding the future state of His people Israel adding to and confirming the curses already gone before in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26.  When Christ was preparing to go to the cross, His disciples came to Him enquiring about the Temple.  The response that Jesus gave was prophetic in nature and would serve to shape the next 1900 years of Israel’s existence. 


In this teaching we examine the prophecies of Jesus Christ concerning Jerusalem and the stunning fulfilment of His words in the siege and destruction of the temple  in AD 70.  What you will discover will shock, amaze you and further confirm the truth and reliability of the Holy Bible.



Part 4 - Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled (Pt.1) 


Perhaps one of the most powerful and fascinating themes of Bible prophecy are the prophecies surrounding Israel’s Messiah.  These prophecies are not isolated verses in pockets of places, but rather are interwoven throughout the books of the Old Testament from Genesis to Revelation, having their exact fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  These prophecies spell out where Messiah would be born, who He would be born to, what He would do and accomplish during His unique ministry, His betrayal, death, burial, resurrection and ascension; factors that are totally outside the capacity to self-fabricate!  One of the greatest objections and barriers to Jews believing that Jesus Christ is their Messiah is the notion that if He has indeed come, then why are Jews the world over still suffering?  Why haven’t all wars ceased?  As we shall see in this teaching, according to the Scriptures, Messiah must come twice to earth, the first to suffer and the second to reign!!


In this teaching we examine the spectacular prophecy contained in Isaiah 53 and demonstrate without question, its fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.



Part 5 - Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled (Pt.2) 


In this second teaching part on Messianic prophecies fulfilled, we continue to explore the staggering prophecies concerning the person, life and ministry of the Messiah contained within the Holy Scriptures.  His suffering and betrayal; His rejection and ridicule; His death and resurrection, were all foretold by the prophets, written hundreds of years before Christ’s advent…His royal lineage, His place of birth, His birth to a virgin, His royal entry into Jerusalem riding on an ass… so the list goes on!!  Each of these prophecies are unique and precise in nature; each require a unique individual to fulfil not one, but multitudes of these descriptive prophecies.  The end conclusion of the matter is simple…If Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not the Messiah, then no-one is, for He alone has fulfilled the Messianic predictions at His first coming and is set to fulfil the remainder when He comes again to rule and to reign upon the throne of David and to usher in His Kingdom of peace. 


In this teaching we shall explore many of the above prophecies and in so doing prove that Jesus is the very Christ of God!!



Part 6 - The Gentile Nations And Bible Prophecy


When one mentions the name Christianity, automatically one is prone to think of a Western religion with predominantly Western followers.  Images of stain glass windows, church spires and other medieval religious paraphernalia spring at once to mind.  What would you say if I was to tell you that Christianity did not have its inception in the West but in the Middle East in Jerusalem, Israel?  How was it then, that I, a Gentile (a non-Jew) and millions upon millions like me, came to find faith in a Jewish Messiah who during His lifetime upon this earth did not step foot outside the immediate vicinity of Israel’s borders, a tiny strip of land around the size of Wales?  In order to answer this question, we must turn once again to Bible prophecy!


In this sixth part of our teaching on Bible prophecy we shall explore a number of fascinating questions.  Firstly, what did the prophets have to say about the blessing that would be conferred upon the Gentile nations; secondly, by what means did this blessing come and thirdly where does this leave national Israel?  May the answers to these questions provoke you to a deeper love for God and a greater life of praise and thanksgiving!!



Part 7 - Modern Israel And Fulfilled Bible Prophecy


On May 14 1948, in a single day, a nation was born as Israel declared its national independence.  For some 1900 years the Jews have wondered the world over having no national homeland, suffering in every place they have sought to lay their head.  AD 70 witnessed the tragedy of the destruction of the Jewish Temple and the beginning of the diaspora as Jews were exiled en-mass to every corner of the world.  At the end of the 19th century due to growing widespread anti-Semitism in Europe Jews began leaving Eastern Europe and a small minority headed for Israel with the dream of returning to their ancient homeland.  The twentieth century would see the greatest calamity ever perpetrated against the Jews as some 6 million were systematically exterminated being shot or gassed by Nazi Germany. Yet, defying all possible odds with European Jewry tinkering on the edge of annihilation, millions of Jews have since poured into their Biblical homeland of Israel from more than 100 different countries worldwide!! 


In this teaching, we look at the amazing fulfillment of Bible prophecy as it relates to the restoration of God’s ancient people Israel.  Indeed, the stage has been set and the countdown to eternity has begun!!! 



Part 8 - False Prophets In The Last Days


Matthew Chapter 24 is known as the Olivet Discourse and is key to understanding the run-down of events in the last days prior to the return of Jesus Christ. Jesus in seeking to prepare His disciples and those coming after them for the days that lay ahead in the intervening period from His ascending into heaven until His coming back again, spoke of wars, rumours of wars, famines, pestilences and earthquakes along with persecutions, offences, betrayal and hatred. All these He said would be signs accompanying the countdown to the end when He would make His sudden and long awaited return. Without a doubt, all these signs are clearly evident and point to the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Yet, there is one thing that Jesus spoke of prophetically, this one thing He warned against more than any other, namely this…be on guard against spiritual deception!!


In this teaching we illustrate the amazing fulfillment of Jesus’ prophetic warnings in the very days we are living in. By utilising a number of video clips, we seek to highlight the spiritual deception that has invaded the Church through the false prophets that abound in our day. In so doing we seek to demonstrate the authenticity of Bible prophecy and to warn God’s people to be on guard!!



Part 9 - Bible Prophecy And The Last Days (Pt.1)


The Bible speaks of a final period of time which shall see a rapid succession of cataclysmic events that shall bring to a close this age and usher in the millennium reign of Jesus Christ.  This final period of time shall be seven years in length; the last three and a half of which shall be characterised by a time of intense suffering and tribulation likened to no other period of time in history.  As far as the Bible relates to these times prophetically, Israel is at the very centre and heart of this tribulation period.  Daniel spoke about a figure that shall make a covenant of peace with the Jewish people for a period of seven years but mid-way into this shall break his covenant and turn to persecute them, putting an end to sacrifices.  This by default necessitates a Jewish presence in their ancient homeland and a rebuilding of a third temple which the Apostle Paul identifies as the place in which the man of sin shall be revealed, sitting in this temple showing himself to be God.  


The Jewish presence in Israel today is one of the single greatest visible sign that we are in the last day’s and soon to witness the return of the Lord Jesus Christ!!  If the words of the prophets are right, we are set to see the rebuilding of the third temple and a Jewish holocaust which shall outstrip the holocaust, at the end of which Messiah shall make His long expected return to save the Jewish people out of great tribulation!!  In this ninth part of this teaching, we turn to look at these staggering events out of the pages of Holy Scriptures. 



Part 10 - Bible Prophecy And The Last Days (Pt.2)


The books of Daniel and Revelation are unique in their composure in that their content is eschatological in nature, relating to events that are to take place at the end of the world.  Indeed, the Greek word for Revelation is “apokalupsis” from whence we get the word apocalypse.  This word apokalupsis means a disclosure, a revealing and an uncovering of things that up until that point was not understood.  There are many hard things to be understood in these books but as one begins to dig into them, one quickly discovers that there is overlap and similarities in the material found within them.  This repetition and overlap is crucial in enabling us to interpret and make sense of the visions contained in them.


In this tenth and final part of our teaching on Bible prophecy, we seek to understand and make sense of some of the key passages in Daniel and Revelation which speak of a final worldwide Antichrist kingdom that will arise at the very end of time which shall be united politically, economically and spiritually, whose destruction shall be brought about by Jesus Christ at His Second Coming when He shall come to establish His kingdom on earth lasting for one thousand years.  What we shall discover is astounding and serves to equip us and prepare us for what is soon to come to pass!!





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