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Pastor Paul M. Williams is married to a beautiful wife by the name of Nathiena (Teeky) Williams and together they have the privilege of raising a young son and daughter for Jesus by the names of Ethan and Annaliese.  


After sensing a great burden and a call to the ministry, Paul was ordained a Pastor in 2013.

Bethesda Shalom was birthed out of a small group of believers who faithfully met in a house fellowship for almost five years.  In 2014, Paul took a step of faith in obedience to the call of God to lead the small flock out of the house church setting to begin meeting in a private chapel on the grounds of an independent school in Wolverhampton.  Then, in 2020, the Lord blessed the fellowship with a Church building of their own in the town of Willenhall.  In just over a year, the old pigeon-infested derelict Church was transformed by a miracle of God and Bethesda Shalom began meeting in it in 2021.     

A teacher by profession, Paul worked in a secondary school teaching Maths for 13 years.  However in 2017, after resigning from his post on matters that conflicted with his faith in Jesus Christ, Paul responded to the call of God and is now serving in full-time ministry. 

There is a cry that rises up in the heart of this young Pastor as he surveys the landscape of Great Britain.  Where are the men of God who once graced this land which now lies barren?  Not content to let another generation fumble and stumble in the dark, by God's grace he is seeking to raise a standard and to faithfully lead the flock of Christ entrusted into his care, knowing that he must do so as one that will give an account.  (Heb. 13:17) 

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