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A six part in-depth teaching series that looks at what the Freemasons believe and teach and how as Christian's we are to respond. Please click on the PDF links to read each article in full.  


Part 1 - An Introduction to Freemasonry


When one thinks of Freemasonry, what thoughts immediately spring to mind? Are they positive thoughts or are they negative thoughts? For some they think of charitable works, good citizens of society, morally upstanding individuals. For others they think of a good old boys club - you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. For others still, they think of conspiracy, corruption and perjury, a secret society, worshippers of Lucifer! I want from the very start to be clear about the aims of this teaching. It is not my aim to delve into the many fruitless conspiracy theories that abound on the matter via the internet. It is rather my aim to answer one most important question relevant to this teaching on the cults, namely, is Freemasonry compatible with Christianity? 



Part 2 - The Oaths and Curses of Freemasonry


One of the more controversial areas surrounding Masonry is the oaths of secrecy that Masons are required to swear upon initiation into the various degrees and more specifically, the ritual penalties attached to the breaking of these oaths. This teaching explores these oaths as they to pertain to the first three degrees and beyond!  Should any professing Christian swear such oaths? 

Whenever it is put to Freemasons that Masonry is a religion, the overwhelming majority take strong objection and insist that Freemasonry is not a religion. If it follows that Freemasonry is a religion, how can a Christian be a member of both the body of Christ and the body of Freemasonry?  Indeed as we shall see, Freemasonry is the religion of universalism. 



Part 3 - The Ritual of the Entered Apprentice (1st Degree)


Ritual within Masonry is an elaborate and cleverly concealed and crafted teaching system which consists primarily of allegorical drama steeped in mystery, symbolism and mythology, involving secret grips, passwords and oaths. Those being initiated into each degree are required to learn their lines so as to be able to take part in the ritual ceremony. Key to the power that ritual plays in Freemasonry is the hidden truths that are sought to be communicated through the rituals to the initiate.  In this teaching we examine the ritual of the first degree - the Entered Apprentice Degree.  We dig beneath the surface of this ritual in order to reveal its true interpretation!



Part 4 - Is the God of Freemasonry the God of the Bible?


Within every Freemason Lodge across the world there is an altar and upon that altar is a Bible – that is if one finds themselves inside a lodge in the UK or the U.S. What book would one find if he were in Turkey or in India? It is most likely to be a Quran or one of the Hindu scriptures. When one see’s the Bible upon the altar it gives one a perception that the Bible and its teachings are held as the supreme authority for the Mason.  However, as we shall see in this teaching, that is not the case at all!

Central to the teachings of Freemasonry is the concept of the Fatherhood of God.  Masonry is not only impartial when it comes to what religious book one might hold to as scripture, but is also impartial when it comes to which god one might choose to worship.  Is the God of Freemasonry the God of the Holy Bible?



Part 5 - The Royal Arch Degree & The Afterlife


The Royal Arch is present in all Masonic systems.  During the ritual of the Royal Arch exaltation ceremony, the candidate learns the Sacred and Mysterious Name of the True and Living God Most High, namely the name JAHBULON.  What is the true meaning of this name and is it a suitable name for the God of the Bible?

An unquestionable and integral part of
Masonic doctrine is the principle of the Immortality of the Soul. For Masons, life does not end in death but rather Masonry teaches that the spirit of man is immortal. You will in none find mentioned in any of the many rituals or ceremonies both at Craft Masonry and beyond, the concept or the word hell. Instead, the Mason despite his religious philosophy or persuasion, whether he be a Christian or a Muslim; a Jew or a Hindu; a Mormon or a Buddhist – is promised the hope of being granted admittance into the heavenly lodge above.  Perhaps, the doctrine of the Immortality of the Soul is nowhere more clearly felt than at a Masonic funeral service.  This teaching explores this doctrine and asks the question;  Is such teaching compatible with the Bible?



Part 6 - Masonic Salvation & Other Secret Societies


In concluding this teaching on Freemasonry, an overview of some of the other societies that have been directly influenced by Freemasonry including:  The Odd Fellows, Prince Hall Masonry, Orange Order and Greek Letter Organizations. 

We shall see; Masonry will never and can never build the kingdom of God on earth. Its values and principles; its secrets and mysteries never will and can never usher in the golden utopia, namely the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of Man and the Immortality of the Soul that they so desperately seek. Only when Jesus Christ comes will His kingdom be ushered in; a kingdom of righteousness and true peace. For those Christians professing Christ and the Lodge, they must choose in the light of these teachings
who they will serve; if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him! You cannot serve both!





(Photo "Masonic Altar w/Spotlight" by Bill Bradford, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license

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