Matthew 14:23

Could it be that corporate prayer is so lacking in the Church today because God’s people have not first been found in private prayer?  It is my conviction and that also of the Scriptures; God’s people ought to have an appetite for prayer.  I say appetite because it’s not a laborious thing.  Is it laborious to eat?  If you’ve no taste!  But God has given us a wonderful pallet so that we can enjoy the many tastes and flavours, so that even though we must eat, we want to eat, and the whole experience is a most enjoyable one!!  Tell me, have you an appetite for prayer?  There is much instruction in the New Testament concerning praying for others; if we care enough for others, we’ll pray enough for others.  Yet private prayer is much more than a list of names and needs.  Prayer is personal and as such, when you and I go into our closets and shut the door, the most intimate exchange ought to take place in fellowship with God as we bear the secrets of our hearts to our heavenly Father, aided by the help of the Holy Spirit.  May the Lord stir our hearts to get alone from the business of this world and to spend time with Him in prayer.