Godly Counsel – Paul M. Williams

Proverbs 12:15

You’ve all heard the saying, “Feelings come, and feelings go” — how true this maxim is!!  I thank God for the gift of feeling, our emotions are given to us by our Creator.  It was never God’s design to make robots.  I don’t know if you ever noticed, but robots don’t have feelings — they do what they’re programmed to do. You can drive a robot off a cliff and you’re never going here it complain!  Humans on the other hand are made to feel.  When we’re sad, we cry, when happy, we laugh!!  When in love, we don’t reach for the Oxford dictionary to search for a definition, every fiber of our being experiences it!! Now, whilst feelings can be a tremendous blessing to us, they can also be a great curse.  Many a man acted rashly in a moment of hot temper based on feeling, only to regret it on the morrow in the cool light of a new day.  We can think of all types of thoughts which in turn induce all manner of feelings, but we can be totally wrong in our thinking!!  Only a fool allows his life to be governed by his feelings.


In this sermon, we look at feelings, decisions, and the desperate need for godly counsel.