John 3:1-17

When we think of the great historic doctrines of the Christian faith—in particular, those that fall under the broader umbrella of “Soteriology” (the study of salvation), seated in their midst must surely be the glorious doctrine of Regeneration.  In the days of Popish pomp and rule, it was the doctrine of Justification that was heralded and championed by the Reformers.  Rome had for a millennium, hoodwinked the masses under a false system of works, masquerading as grace. The Reformers said NO!!  Man is not justified in the sight of God by human achievement—he’ll never work his way to heaven; the only way he’ll ever get there is by the grace of God alone, through faith alone apart from human merit. 


In this our day, it is the doctrine of regeneration that so desperately needs to be rediscovered and heralded from every pulpit in the land.  For many, becoming a Christian is nothing more than joining a Church and having one’s name inscribed on a roll call of membership. I’ve known people, near and dear to me who called themselves Christians because they were made wet with water; yet when I looked for visible fruits of life, I found none!  What saith the Lord Jesus Christ?  “Ye must be born again” (Jn. 3:7).