Luke 23:35-43

The people and the rulers, the soldiers and the criminal —each one hurled their abuse and insults with guided precision—it was open season on the Son of Man.  In the eyes of the mob who had gathered to express their contempt of Jesus, the suffering spectacle which hung before them was proof positive that this man was getting all that He deserved of God’s righteous indignation.  What were they to make of a suffering King?  In truth…not much!  However, amongst the taunts and the sneers, a voice of penitence was heard from one of the criminals being crucified alongside Jesus and a plea so profound; “Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom”.


In this sermon, we endeavour to unpack this statement to see the priceless treasure revealed therein.  We then close by asking the question, what are we doing with the light that God has shone into our hearts.  May the Lord speak to each one of us.