John 2:13-17

The question being asked in this sermon is a question that every Christian must answer honestly before God; Where lies the treasure of your heart?  In just three words, our Lord would have us remember; “Remember Lot’s wife” (Lk. 17:32).  Her heart was still at home in Sodom, and though her feet were going through the motions of exiting the confines of that wicked city, she brought Sodom out with her!  Let me ask you, do you feel at home in this world or are you just passing through?


This sermon is a call for a people to rise up in this day of great evil, wherein it appears, the glory of God is departing from these shores. Is there a soul who of whom it could be said; the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up?  Who will give themselves to the Father’s business in order that we might see the Kingdom of God advancing in our day? Even so, Lord may it be!